Thursday, October 28, 2010

Craft for humanity #1: The Shawl

There are twin natural disaster that occurred this week. First, earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai island, at least 200 people killed, hundreds more missing, and washed hundreds more homes into the sea. Second, volcano erupted in Yogyakarta. The eruption of Mount Merapi (translate as Fire mountain) spewed clouds of searing ash, killing 30 people and dozens more were admitted with respiratory problems, burn and injuries.
Craft for Humanity, especially to help the elderly, women and children because in every disaster when it should stay in their barracks would be very difficult. Its time for us to use our talents and abilities to help others. Sharing our love, happiness and joy.

I made this shawl within 2008 - 2010. This only do i have, I originally wanted to keep them as my collection. Every shawl has it own story. I made a lot of shawl, usually as a gift for friends. But now its better for me to give all the left to the people who need it. I can make another ones. Now, I'll make it with full of passion and love, cause I now the purpose : its for humanity.

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