Monday, June 21, 2010

Photocakes decoration

Last thursday i came to 'hands on demo photocakes decoration' program. Its nice, i have something new to learn. Cake decorating become more easier. Unlimited creativity in decorating cakes.

You can put your own picture on a cake and on chocolate lolipop.

It will more easier to design, if you can operate 'photoshop' or 'corel draw'. Compatible printer recommended was canon IP series like IP 3600 and IP 4700. You also need compatible food cartridges as well as set edible ink. You are not recommended using edible ink in in a printer that has previously been used with regular ink cartridges, even you try to cleaned it because it was contaminated and the cake can not eat.


  1. bu kenti :) follow blog aq ya , be the first :p
    oya jadi mau beli endible printing? hehehe

  2. hai alya...kaya belum deh, makloon aja. Oke, follow blog aku juga ya :)