Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wall decoration of Tulips and Sunflowers

A game can be an inspiration for us to stitch something. I'm crazy in farmville lately. For a couple days i love to plant flowers, flowers and flowers. There are three kind of flowers in this games : sunflowers, red tulips and pink roses. When i'm harvesting in my farm, i found something interesting : a bouquet of sunflowers, pink roses and red tulips that i can share with my friends. This games teach us to share and help each others.

I stitch this wall decoration as a present for my friend, vera. She and her family will relocation from Kuala Lumpur to Vietnam this month. Thanks vera for every beautiful memories that you bring to me.


This flowers stitched with french not in the middle, covered with ribbon stitch, then both sides stitched with side ribbon stitch. I'm using 5 mm satin ribbon for the flowers and 3 mm organza ribbon for the leaves

Sun Flowers

I usually stitch sun flowers using 5 mm satin ribbon. But now i try to use 3 mm satin ribbon for a petal of the flowers and 3 mm organza for the leaves. In the middle of the flower i stitch with french knot for the stamens. .

Enjoy your life and find an inspiration in every single moment of your life

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