Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newbie in Kriwil Family

My name shitara, means morning. I bring sunshine in your life.

Hooraayy, kriwil has many new member. After long vacation, finally i can fininshed new member in kriwil familly and add hair for margo and karu. Come on girls let's introduce yourself one by one!!

My name is lilla, i'm rea's twin sister. Yea, rea has left me and life in ho ci minh city. 
I wish she always happy there.

My name Aruna, i'm shitara's twin sister. Eventhough we are twin, i have my own style, my hair.. my chlothes. I love to be me.

My name Tara, I love my hair style.

And me, i'm Peoni, i have black curly hair.

Remember me? I'm not a newbie actually, I'm karu. But now, i have my own hair style.
How do i look now?

My name is Uma, i will bring light in your life.

And me, tammy. Honest, i'm not too confident with my hair, especially the highlight color.

My name is kalyani. Its sanskirt names, mean pretty.

And me Nalini. Kalyani's twin sister.

I'm Margo. And i'm not a new comer, remember me? In last post, i haven't any hair yet, but now i have my own hair style

Dinorah is my name. Inspired by ivan lins songs, 'dinorah,dinorah'. its brazilian songs. I can't speak brazilian, but its nice song. I love my name and that song.

Dotty is my nickname. I love any polka dot design. Let you guess, who's my real name?

And me, my name is Leela. I like playing, anykind of game. Who want to play with me?

Oke girls, thank you for introducing your self. You bring me joy, and i wish i can share it with others.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Mey Lin

Mey lin is my new doll. She has dark skin and dark hair like many asian girls. Look, she has many pose. If you like her, you can adopt her. 

Coloring the hair

Ssstttt...i have a little secret about her name. When i named her, i inspired by one of a taxi brand in ho ci minh city, May Linh. Its a famous taxi there and became familiar in my ear. I love that name as i love them all.